Mandan Downtown Subarea Study

Mandan, ND

Project Description


The purpose of this Downtown Mandan Subarea Study is to synthesize current community goals, existing programs and projects, isolated community improvement ideas and previous planning efforts and policies, and create an updated vision for the downtown. The downtown Mandan area is logistically centered in the City. It is also a prime destination of great importance to its citizens (courts and legal services, local city and county government, select social services, locally owned stores, housing).


The results of this study should improve both vehicular and pedestrian circulation, improve the level of service on streets, and reduce conflict delays in Mandan's core area and along Main Street, and in doing so greatly improve the transportation interconnection of the City and the metropolitan area. The Study should be comprehensive in scope, focusing on transportation, incorporate land use, and urban design into a coordinated vision. The Study should also be achievable and provide a clear, phased implementation strategy that is useful for decision-makers, staff, developers, property owners, and residents. As envisioned, the Study will be a blueprint for future activities and programs that will enhance and strengthen the core of Mandan and help this area realize its full potential.


The Downtown Mandan Subarea Study will be developed in four distinct phases. The four phases are illustrated below.

Study Area




Participating agencies


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